Antitrust Statement

Automotive Remarketing Alliance
One objective of the Automotive Remarketing Alliance is to share information and ideas for the advancement of the automotive remarketing industry.  In doing so, we recognize the importance of promoting and maintaining fair competition in accordance with the principles of the United State antitrust laws.  

It is ARA’s policy to comply in all respects with the requirements of antitrust laws.  We strongly discourage any anti-competitive practices, such as price fixing, market allocation, collusive bidding, or the engagement in any agreements or conduct that could substantially prevent or restrain competition in the automotive remarketing industry. This applies to all types of agreements, whether written or verbal, formal or informal, and whether or not legally binding.

In addition, it is illegal to exchange, provide, or seek confidential business information that is not otherwise publicly available, with the intent or effect of preventing or lessening competition.  It is necessary to avoid any discussion that may be anticompetitive and any conduct that would violate the antitrust laws.

On the other hand, procompetitive or benign information exchanges that reduce fraud or confer consumer benefits are particularly encouraged.

Each of us is obligated to speak up immediately for the purpose of preventing any discussion that might violate these prohibitions.