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IARA’s Certified Automotive Remarketer Program: CAR-12

UNIT:  Actual Sale Activities

COURSE:  CAR-12 Branding and Certification


The CAR candidate must be able to recall and describe actual sales activities including dealer and auction selection, promotion, branding and certification as well as the impact each has in the remarketing process. Identify and describe how floor prices are established, if-bids are analyzed, and vehicle value is ascertained. Define, recognize, and be able to knowledgeably describe industry guidebooks, their purpose, what they cover, how they are derived and how the information is utilized.

Course Purpose

Branding your portfolio means that buyers will be able to always recognize and trust your vehicles to be consistent in quality, appearance, and condition. The course will explain how to establish such a program.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

•    Recognize the potential for Vehicle Certification within their portfolio
•    Define the parameters for a VC Program
•    Discuss VC opportunities with their auction partners
•    Describe an effective vehicle selection procedure
•    Describe a logical vehicle inspection process
•    Define the parameters for reconditioning vehicles
•    Explain the value of VC to their buyers
•    Illustrate the potential benefits for the ultimate retail customer
•    Demonstrate the value of VC to their Management

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