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IARA’s Certified Automotive Remarketer Program: CAR-16

UNIT:  Post-Sales Activities

COURSE:  CAR-16 Benchmarking — Pre and Post-Sale

Course Purpose

This course will strengthen the CAR candidate’s remarketing skills, emphasizing specific functions applicable to pre- and post-sale activities. This effort includes developing an understanding of all aspects of the post-sale remarketing process and the associated performance metrics and industry benchmarks that assess performance. Integral to effective remarketing management is a reporting system that tracks in real time, all remarketing process activities, allowing the remarketer to monitor all functions, including outsourced activities, to more effectively optimize performance.


This course will help develop and improve the CAR candidate’s remarketing skills with emphasis on specific functions applicable to benchmarking and/or establishing performance measures for pre-sale and post-sale activities. The candidate’s awareness of the primary remarketing processes for both end-of-term leases and repossessed vehicles (including “other than auto,” such as motor homes, boats, motorcycles, etc.) will be strengthened. Candidates will develop an appreciation of how all the relevant pre-sale and post-sale activities are impacted by applicable performance benchmarks. Relevant remarketing activities covered in this process include:

•    Channel selection
•    Verification
•    Transportation
•    Grounding
•    Inspection
•    Reconditioning
•    Lease End-of-Term Process
•    Marketing
•    Finance & Warranty
•    Vehicle history reporting
•    Repossession Processes.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

1.    List in detail specific activities applicable to the pre-sale and post-sale processes and explain how these activities interact and impact ultimate remarketing results.
2.    Define each specific pre-sale and post-sale remarketing activity in a manner that demonstrates the cause-and-effect relationships between the remarketing process steps.
3.    Explain how actions taken on one pre-sale/post-sale activity impact any one or more other steps in this process.
4.    Identify the underlying factors (internal and external) that affect each pre-sale/post-sale remarketing activity and explain how these factors impact decision-making in each remarketing function.
5.    Explain the importance of measuring each pre-sale/post-sale activity, as applicable, against recognized industry benchmarks.

Benchmarking pre-sale and post-sale activities is an important aspect of the remarketing function, in large part because it is the primary method used to measure and evaluate remarketing performance. Through benchmarking, each relevant activity is continuously monitored for conformance to accepted performance standards, which, in turn, leads to improved productivity and reduced net costs to the company. Each pre-sale and post-sale activity is addressed in the course with a focus on known benchmarks. In areas lacking established benchmarks, information on standards either under development or planned for future consideration is noted.

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