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Institutional Members, as defined by IARA bylaws, are institutional owners of automotive products (vehicles), and include manufacturers, captive finance companies, financial institutions, car leasing companies, commercial fleets, and car rental companies. IARA Industry Members, as defined by IARA bylaws, include the following: industry vendors, suppliers, and service providers which offer remarketing-related services or products to institutional owners and manufacturers.
Annual Dues: $1250
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Annual Dues: $1250
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Existing members’ dues are due on Jan 1st of every year (commencing in Jan 2014). First time memberships are prorated based on the number of months remaining in a year. $1250 / 12 = $104.17 / month. Upon checkout, you will see your first year’s membership dues represented as a prorated figure based on the number of months remaining in the year x $104.17, with the current month counting as a full month.

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