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Expired CAR certification? ALL can recertify by Sept 1; NO proctor required on recertification tests

Certification expired?  Proctors are no longer required for recertification tests.  The Certification Committee is allowing anyone who became CAR certified in the past and has not renewed within the 3 year window the opportunity to recertify by September 1, 2018.  Send a note to administrator@iara.biz and let us know you are taking the re-certification test and we will send you a code so you do not need to arrange for a proctor for the re-certification test.  CAR Certification expires after three years and one (1) re-certification test is required every 3 years to keep your certification current.  Typically, if you miss the 3 year window to recertify, you have to retake the 20 exams to reactivate your certification.  An exception to this 3 year policy  is available to anyone who has certified in the past and wants to become current with certification by September 1, 2018.

Re-certification does not need to be a huge investment of time.  Your experience since you achieved CAR Certification contributes to your success with the recertification test.   Jump in and take the recertification test and see how you do.  The test will tell you which areas to brush up on before your next attempt allowing you to efficiently use your time and achieve recertification quickly and easily.