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ACV Auction Adds to Partner List with ParkMyFleet

Tuesday, Feb. 16, 2021, 04:06 PM
By Auto Remarketing Staff


During the fall, ACV Auctions formed a partnership with the American Recovery Association to inspect, list and sell vehicles directly from ARA member storage facilities.

And now, in an effort to grow its commercial and rental business models and increase services for dealerships, ACV has announced a partnership with ParkMyFleet to provide flexible property solutions and staging on the ACV platform.

ACV plans to leverage off-site vehicle remarketing with this latest relationship with ParkMyFleet, which offers flexible, agnostic, property solutions for fleet mobility that include parking, servicing, staging and logistic support in its phase one growth structure.

Like many ways the industry has responded to the pandemic, ParkMyFleet chief executive officer Mike Landau explained how this partnership developed from the ongoing situation.

“When COVID-19 hit, we were faced with a national portfolio of properties in different stages of development,” Landau said in a news release. “Not knowing what the environment would look like in a post-pandemic world, we chose to pivot and identify properties that could answer to a problem in the auto Industry.

“We expected to be a short-term solution, but as we delved into the industry, we found a need for agnostic properties where vehicle fleets and logistics companies could park, be serviced, or staged for virtual remarketing,” he continued.

Landau added that other industry feedback suggested several verticals could leverage ParkMyFleet’s property assets and partners to create a collaborative life cycle service product. He noted that ParkMyFleet’s short-term “Band-Aid” became a permanent, long-term model servicing several auto and trucking segments with full mobility sites in its vision.

“Partnering with ACV was a logical extension of our initial plan and an invaluable partnership for ParkMyFleet’s continued growth,” Landau said.

ACV chief executive officer George Chamoun also shared his perspective about the latest partnership the company has forged.

“ACV has proven to be a trusted business option for dealers across the U.S. as we guide them through the digital auction process with as much transparency as possible,” Chamoun said.

“With our growing business, we are excited to be partnering with ParkMyFleet to leverage off-site vehicle remarketing as we build our relationships across commercial and rental business models, offering an easy way to buy and sell vehicles based on inventory needs,” he went on to say.