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Proctor Instructions


Note: Proctors are no longer required if you are taking the recertification test.

For all other module tests:
A Proctor is a person who insures the validity of test taking by monitoring test taking and ensuring testing members are not using materials or other resources during test taking. For IARA CAR Certification, a librarian, teacher/education administrator in the community, company HR manager, or other authorized IARA CAR certified member who does not work for the same company and is not related to the testing member can be a Proctor.
Proctors need to contact the IARA Systems Administrator at least 48 hours prior to system testing to obtain a proctor username and passcode. A proctor form will be sent by email to the proctor. This form needs to be completed by the proctor and received by the IARA Systems Administrator in order to receive a proctor username and passcode.

The IARA Systems Administrator can be reached by:

Email: administrator@iara.biz
Phone: (248) 923-1748

Proctors should also have members who want to take tests insure they have access to the online testing system the day before the test. Manually testing is no longer valid or accepted.
When testing, members will reach a screen where a proctor username and passcode needs to be entered. Proctors should type in the proctor username and passcode they were provided with by the Systems Administrator on the testing member’s computer in a discrete fashion so that the testing member does not see the proctor logon credentials.
Proctors should be present in the room where the member is testing until all testing is completed. A test should be completed without any breaks during the test taking process. Members are allowed 3 attempts to pass a single test on one testing day. Any improper use of materials or resources during a test should be reported to the IARA by contacting one of the IARA Certification Committee Chairs.

IARA Committee Chairs:
Michele Pierog: (603) 327-9863 or michele.pierog2011@gmail.com
Jackie Malik: jmj@creditacceptance.com