About IARA

It is the mission of the International Automotive Remarketers Alliance to assist, educate, and share knowledge with one another and our industry partners, so that each member may be empowered to achieve the fullest efficiency and most continued improvement attainable in the commerce of selling vehicles through the marketplace.

The Objectives of the Alliance Are:

  • To facilitate standardization of processes within the industry.
  • To provide a medium through which joint initiatives among Alliance members may be facilitated.
  • To develop performance benchmarking for the membership.
  • To create a forum where remarketers manage their agenda of important industry topics.
  • To provide a mechanism for the sharing of ideas, knowledge, and best practices.
  • To encourage and support member adherence to the IARA Code of Ethics.
  • To share information on legislative and regulatory issues impacting the remarketing industry.
  • To provide a lobbying body to address legislative issues.
  • To provide a process of continuing education focused on the support of best practices in the remarketing industry with the stated goal of maximizing portfolio performance.

IARA Code of Ethics & Business Conduct

Members of the International Automotive Remarketers Alliance are expected to adhere to the highest of ethical standards and business conduct in the means and manner by which they carry out their business activities.

These standards will include:

  • Avoiding situations that represent clear conflict of interests or misrepresentations in managing the portfolio remarketing process.
  • For Institutional Members, avoiding the implementation or perception of business practices with vendors that are based solely on gratuitous allocation of vehicle distribution.
  • For Industry Members, refraining from business practices that encompass gratuitous solicitations that might compromise or give the perception of compromising an accredited business relationship.
  • Adhering to financial responsibility and generally accepted accounting practices in vehicle sale transactions.
  • Adhering to all applicable laws and government regulations of commerce in vehicle sale transactions
  • Promoting a viable industry through interaction with employees, associated entities and the surrounding community.
  • Interacting with other IARA members and other entities of the automotive community with business dignity and respect.
  • Exhibiting solid corporate citizenship.
  • Ethical standards may be determined and adjusted by the Board of Directors as deemed appropriate to specific situations.

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