Call for Speakers

The IARA Summer Roundtable

The deadline to complete your submission is Friday, April 13, 2018.

Interact, Initiate, Evolve
The IARA Summer Roundtable brings together remarketing industry professionals to discuss current trends, best practices, and challenges facing the automotive remarketing industry.  It provides an experience where members can share fresh perspectives that lead to positive changes for the industry.  The Alliance is committed to the education of its members and to providing relevant topics that help its members excel in business and all facets of life. 

Solutions Based Presentations
It can be tempting to spread the word about your exciting new product or service, but our attendees want actionable information that they can take back to their workplace to implement.  If you can provide that, your company reputation will soar in return.  Sales pitches, as part of these speaker sessions, have no return on investment.  Help them, teach them, bring them some new ideas and they'll come back to you for more.

New, never seen presentations

Bring us new ideas and new materials.  The investment made will generate a positive result, increasing the benefit that you and your company receive from participation at the Summer Roundtable.  Our reputation has been built on providing some of the freshest, most valuable content in the industry and we rely on our speakers to continue to provide that edge.
Submit your proposal

The following information MUST BE INCLUDED with your submission.  Your submission WILL NOT be accepted unless all of these items are provided:
  • Session Title (60 characters max)
  • Session Description (100 words max)
  • Session Objectives
  • Intended Audience
  • Length of Presentation
  • Format (individual speaker, panel, etc.)
  • Speaker Information (including bio and headshot)
The following information is OPTIONAL but highly recommended as a way to improve your submission:
  • Link to Video Clip
  • Comments

If you have any questions about the submission process or about speaking at the IARA Summer Round Table 2018 please contact Jessica Strack, or Brent Garrett,