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Industry Education and Conferencing Programs

IARA is actively working with Industry associations in the joint development of conference program agendas, focus and communications. This program was initiated and established with NAAA staff and leadership.

National Auto Auction Association

Industry Association Conferencing

IARA is currently in active working dialogue with every industry associations that are involved in vehicle remarketing to provide support, involvement, and development of strong industry educational and training formats. The IARA effort focuses on educational opportunities in and around industry conference formats in addition to specific company or market segment programs that focus on employee training and career paths.

Other Industry Associations (Liaison & Participation)

Association of Consumer Vehicle Lessors

Consumer Bankers Association

National Automobile Dealers Association

National Automotive Finance Association (NAF)

National Independent Automobile Dealers Association

IARA Industry Program Development Objectives

•    Provide access, involvement, and participation of IARA members in key industry conferences, educational programs, and agendas.
•    Organize, structure, and provide specific educational, management information and speakers to industry associations upon request.
•    Coordinate and mobilize industry resources and people on behalf of industry organizations including marketing, communication, and conference content.
•    Provide resources, contacts, and facilitation for industry events and association conferences, upon request and coordinated.
•    Seek to establish joint cooperation, communication, and coordination of annual industry conferences and meeting.
•    Mobilize industry members behind issues, objectives, and agendas of all industry associations and organizations.

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